Wellbeing consultant for the Built Environment & CEO of  WELL Space

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Eminè Mehmet – Wellbeing Consultant to the Built Environment

“My vision is to create spaces that are healthy & have low impact on the planet today & for future generations.”

I am a Wellbeing Consultant to the Built Environment. I create spaces that support health, wellbeing and inspire community. I bring together facilities and HR for an holistic approach to wellbeing, covering 5 areas; physical, mental, social, financial wellbeing and the environment. I don’t do this by myself. I collaborate with other experts and with you. After all, it takes a village.

I’m the CEO of WELL Space. I have a long career in Interior Design & Project Management, working for companies such as Meriton Apartments, Woods Bagot, & HBO+EMTB.

I’m a proud member of WELL Faculty, a WELL Accredited Professional, & a Green Star Accredited Professional.

With a strong background in sustainable advocacy, I believe sustainability and wellness can be incorporated into every person’s life at home and at work.

I was the founder of industry sustainability initiatives such as The Big Shift Sustainable Design Competition, developed to create innovation in functional interiors using sustainable products, and Sustainable Design Principles Event (SDPE), an annual event aimed at engaging and providing information to the design and construction industry on sustainability in the built environment.

I love to write, and have featured in Grand Designs Australia Magazine, Home Design Magazine and The Fifth Estate website to name a few. I’m also the Sustainability Editor for The Carousel and have spoken at many events including Grand Designs Australia Live and the HIA Sydney Home Show.

More recently, wellbeing related speaking engagements have included, representing IA Design at the 2017 Workplace Strategy Summit in Sydney, speaking at CoreNet functions in Canberra and Perth.

I love that writing, presenting and speaking allow me to expand the conversation of wellbeing.

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